Jul 23, 2014

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Boycott TD aka DF…

“The Triad”
400m Run
then 2 Rounds:
7 Deadlifts
15 Wall Ball
400m Run
then 2 Rounds:
7 Deadlifts
15 Burpees to 6″T

then 400m Run


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Mark Your Calendar…
Mobility Class with Amy Tomorrow, July 24th at 6:30
Register for the Civilian Military Combine on Saturday, Sept. 13th, in Philly
Join your fellow CrossFitters for a FUN morning sure to be filled with laughs.
You can sign up at this link:
or there is a groupon offer at this link:

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Jul 22, 2014

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Jul 21, 2014

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Jul 18, 2014

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