Our Team


Mark Saber

Mark is one of the founders of Off The Grid. He is a full-time Coach, husband, father and CrossFit athlete. As the leader of our TEAM he takes our box to the next level. His passion for the “Sport of Fitness” is apparent in all he does.  He is competitive by nature and when you see him do a WOD you will see him push till there is nothing left in the tank.  This is a quality that he strives to instill in all of our members.

Stacey Saber

Stacey is the glue that keeps Off The Grid together. She is a full-time wife, mother, Coach and CrossFit athlete. She keeps things organized and operating smoothly.

Contact StaceyStacey@CrossFitoffthegrid.com


Lauren Fiske

Lauren comes to Crossfit Off the Grid from a strength and conditioning background, working with athletes of all levels and ages. Most recently, she has been working with youth athletes at the Parisi Speed School in Cherry Hill. She was also an Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning at the National Cathedral High School from 2008-2009, worked with college athletes as a volunteer strength coach at Georgetown University from 2009 to 2010, and worked with pro lacrosse players of the Washington Bayhawks while finishing her master’s in Exercise Science  at George Washington University. Lauren herself also comes from an athletic background having played field hockey, soccer, lacrosse and ran track in high school. She also ran track at  Dickinson for a year in college. She began competing in Olympic Weightlifting in 2007, where she rediscovered her love of competing and as well discovered her passion for coaching. She has her personal trainer certification through NASM, is a CSCS through NSCA, Level 1 Crossfit and Crossfit kids certified, USAW level 1 certified, and also has a graduate degree in Exercise Science from GWU.

Contact Lauren -Lauren@crossfitoffthegrid.com


Drew Petersen

Drew has 20+ years of experience playing ice hockey at local and collegiate levels.  He also is a part time coach and an off-ice training instructor with the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation.  After having 3 reconstructive knee surgeries Drew turned to the CrossFit method of training as a form of physical rehabilitation.  Since then his knee has been stronger than ever.  Drew’s experience has led to his passion to coach and help people decrease the risk of injuries, remain functional, and to take on challenging goals.  Drew is both CrossFit level 1 & Kettlebell Trainer Certified.

Contact Drew- Drew@crossfitoffthegrid.com


Joe Onorato

Joe has a solid foundation in all things CrossFit and great awareness of technical movement. Joe has a passion for learning and his growth as an individual, Coach and athlete is unsurpassed. He is a former collegiate kicker at University of South Florida and Rowan University. Helping those with the desire to change their lives through fitness is his main goal.

Contact JoeJoe@CrossFitoffthegrid.com


Eric Matlock

Eric’s drive to find true fitness led him into our doors as an athlete and now as a Coach.  Eric is a full-time husband, father and CrossFit athlete.  Tough as nails and dependable on every level.  He is a role model to all of our athletes because of his “never give up attitude.”

Contact EricEric@CrossFitOTG.com


Matt Mazzoni

Matt has a firm foundation in the endurance world through his completion of the Ironman Louisville, Ironman Lake Placid and the Philadelphia Marathon. He uses the Crossfit Endurance methodology when training for any event. In addition to spending time at the box, he is passionate in the field of education. Matt is a Principal at Mullica Township Middle School.

Contact MattMatt@CrossFitOTG.com

April Berkholder


April comes to CrossFit Off the Grid from Jacksonville Florid where she was working as a full time coach at CrossFit JAX.  She has spent the last several years immersed in coaching and training the CrossFit philosophy.  April knows that CrossFit has changed her life and wants to be able to share that with others.  Her goal is to bring better health and fitness to the entire community one person at a time.

Contact April- april@crossfitoffthegrid.com