Mar 5, 2013

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The Rock is Back…

“5 sets of MAP”

5 sets @ 85%

30 sec DU’s/Singles
30 sec rest
30 sec Air Squats
30 sec rest
*5 min rest
5 sets @ 85%
30 sec Shuttle Run
30 sec rest
30 sec Wall Ball
30 sec rest

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  1. Good one…

    DUs: 307
    Squats: 123
    Sprints: 43
    WBs: 71

  2. Theresa says:

    I haven’t been in the gym since Wednesday…I miss you guys:(( Is everyone psyched about the Open or what?!!

  3. Was excited to see that we have 50 people signed up for the Open on the Off the Grid Team, sure would be nice to get some more, we have until Sunday night to sign up!

  4. this video got me really psyched for the open:

    woo hoo 50 people! thats awesome!

    theresa i’ve been wondering where you were!! i miss you :( when are you gonna do the open wod? i’m probably gonna be there friday 6:30

    todays wod: 266 du, 122 air squats, 49 sprints, 75 wall balls. I was most proud of doing 15 wall balls UNBROKEN each round, and i didnt bottom out! i remember doing this one before. great job 4:30 and great coaching drew!

    HEY KYLEIGH!! :) haha

  5. Double unders 267, air squats 143, sprints 46, wallball 76

  6. We had some great movers in class today! Everyone looked awesome at 630, and Dave and matt worked hard at 730. Nice work everyone!

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