Mar 4, 2013

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Vanderpump Rules…

3 sets

A1.  Back Squat @ 30X0, 3-5 reps, rest 10 sec
A2.  Strict Pullup/RR @ 30X0, AMRAP, rest 3 min

“Coaches Tester”
15 Min AMRAP
15 KB’s 32kg/24kg
15 Burpees


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  1. That was the 2nd worst wod I’ve ever done.
    Lift 155×5-165×4-175×3 5 pull ups each time. Wod 7rds

    Great job 9:30!!! Matt I can’t believe u took a water break haha rare event! Great coaching Lauren, you kept me moving, that was not fun.

  2. I’m sure water break was in the fine print for today’s WOd. Lol. Great work.

    7rds +13

  3. 165×4, 185×3, 200×2(the third was just shy). Did unbroken 3 pull-ups each round.

    WOD RXd: 8rds+3.

    Great work 6:30. Thanks Matt, the warmup was perfect!

  4. 7 RDS + 15. This one wasn’t the most fun I’ve ever had in a WOD but definitely an endurance builder

    185×5, 185×4, 205 failed on the third and need to work on the depth.

  5. Lift: 205×5, 235×5, 245×3

    wod: 7 rds + 10

    Loved the wod, hope to see more like it in the future!……ha

  6. Ryan Boyer says:

    185 x 5, 205 x 5, 235 x 3….thanks for getting me past parallel Taylor!

    7+15 on the WOD. Settled into a good pace after rd 3 or so. 6 & 7 were just awful. Nice job to everyone @ 530 especially Kyleigh who was blazing thru the burpees! I hope I spelled that right…..

    2 days!!!

    • Ryan you spelled it correct! No one ever does.

      This wod sucked and we all knew it walking in.
      8rds at the buzzer followed immediately by fist pump.
      I was Ryan s shadow and give him credit for pushing me to keep going.

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