Mar 1, 2013

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4 sets
A1.  Back Squat @32X1, 5-5-3-3
*rest 30 sec
A2.  Strict Pullup @30X0, AMRAP
*rest 2 min

“Beckons Me”
4 Rounds

10 Front Squat 95/65
10 Lateral Burpees
10 S2O

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  1. Good job yesterday on the skill work during the 5:30-7:30 classes. DU’s and HSPU progressions are starting to pay off, don’t give up!

    Special shout out to Jackie & Melanie for getting their first DU’s last night! Congrats Ladies!

  2. I really wanted to squeeze this one in before I left, and I’m glad I did…Squat got 225 for 3 (sorry Matty! lol) and the time I think was somewhere in 7:50′s I forgot to look up right away. It was so hard not to drop the bar, but thanks Joe for the push. Definitely a mental and physical challenge!

  3. 245 on the back squat

    6:35 on the WOD. Was harder then it looks on paper…well I guess they all are.

  4. I was looking forward to this one all day at clinical! Wod 125-135-145-155 should’ve gone a little heavier in the beginning maybe… Big dawg thank you for counting all 5 of my squats! You’re the best! Wod 6:33, great job 5:30!!!!

  5. Just did this at home. I was stuck at work. Tried to motivate myself to do this at 8pm, kind of a bad idea. I missed all my WOD partners!

    Lift: 145-155-170-190
    WOD: 6:37

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